Spiral Elixir Instagram Love

spiral elixir instagram love

It’s been two years since I closed my Instagram (“laurenluquin”) account, but I’ve reopened a new one as @spiralelixir and you now can follow along this way, which I hope is more convenient for a lot of people (so I’ve heard and finally been convinced of…) Some friends were disappointed that I made that drastic […]

Peyote Stitch Weaver :::: Spirit Works and Peach Medicine

peyote stitch weaver spirit works and peace medicine

I have my shop on VACATION mode just cuz I needed a break from doing shipping and taking custom orders. Right now, I’m moving slow through my days praying a lot for the violence in our world to stop. I am overwhelmed with emotion in my heart for all of the intense suffering and confusion, […]

Decompressing at the Yuba River

decompressing at the Yuba River

The past 2 weeks we’ve had over 12 different house guests and for someone like me – that’s a lot. But it was all much needed interaction, blessed love, and tons of fun so it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it. Between my routine with the kids and EAGL’s work, we have our rhythms and […]

Peace and Transformation with Lake Medicine

Peace and Transformation with Lake Medicine

Being a double water sign, with a bit of beautiful earth mixed in, I feel content with the water realm. Living close to the ocean for the past 32 years has instilled in me an appreciation for the power and healing of water. Add to that the fact that my parents took us to lakes, […]

A Look Inside My Studio

look inside my studio

Hi there lovely. This post is an invitation to look inside my new art studio / office. Unlike many who show off their art space I will not be trying to impress with my style or matching furniture and accessories… (not that there is anything wrong with doing so.) In fact, the only thing I […]

Seven Pointed Star Medicine

seven pointed star medicine

This post is about the meaning behind Seven Pointed Star Medicine- but I need to explain a bit about how I came to carry it… 8 years as of last month that we’ve been officially married… I remember that day in Julian, CA in the mountains… and I remember the 6 months leading up to […]

Yuba River :::: Sacred Waters

Yuba River Sacred Waters

9 miles from my home is the beautiful Yuba River. I can walk there or drive, there are multiple routes… but I find my mind traveling with my heart in hand- whenever and however the spirit lands take me, it feels swift and I hear the lifting of weight move down stream away as I […]

Clearing Negativity From a New Perspective

homeland defense with thistle in oak forest

With Mercury retrograde since June 7 my over stimulated mind has been brooding. I have been so emotional about things, but in an analytical way, and when that happens I retreat to my inner world, where only a select few are welcome. It’s for everyone’s best interest. I am not an easy person to understand […]

What I Learned From Breaking the Ice

break the ice 650

We are creatures of habit, aren’t we…? Of course we each have the potential to be more or less inclined to action at spontaneous intervals as well, and for me I’m a mixture of routine, ritual, cycles big and small, controlled chaos, and sometimes a little bit of a freak show perhaps. I can’t always […]

Stay Humble

bear skin fur medicine

Bear medicine is strong and has come full circle. I feel deeply connected to the Great Spirit and Mother Earth… I feel aligned with my family, friends and community. I am grateful to share here on my blog, and a few other places on the internet, but I have deleted my Twitter account. (I temporarily […]

Now Available ~ 10 Botanical Body Oils and Sampling Options

set of 10 spiral elixir oils

It feels really good to have simplified the amount of essential oils and blends that were passing through my shop. I explained earlier why I had to make this change, but in case you missed that post – I basically felt overwhelmed with how much time and energy was being spent dealing with essential oil […]

Earth Education: Spirit Guides & Foraging for Truth

earth education for homeschooling children

Earth Education For Homeschooling Children For a few weeks now my daughter has spent one day a week with other 7-9 year olds at an alternative education program for homeschoolers near our house. It is truly such a blessing to have these works happening in my neighborhood, and to have such a warm community to […]

Taking the Narrow Road to Realign and Open Up Space

road narrows - critters crossing

Last week on FB I mentioned that I was going through major changes with my works… And I also promised to explain. Finding the time and words to share what I feel has been a process… and with my husband away on a trip- I have my 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a turtle to […]

Mothering a Wolf-Coyote-Dog & the Beauty of the Redwoods

relaxing with Arrow 650

The decision to bring a new member into our pack was made easy when an old friend named Raven offered to give us one of her 9 puppies a couple of weeks ago… My younger sister had called me minutes after I had been watching a raven fly over me while I gazed up at […]

Nourished Living Summit – Where I Share About *Mama Care

nourished living

It’s time I tell you about something so inspiring that I feel honored to be a part of. I am one of the Speakers for the The Nourished Living Summit… A summit dedicated to raising naturally healthy families one child at a time. I know a lot of you will be interested in this, so […]

Label Viewing – PreSALE for 10-15% Off My NEW Line of Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil Roll-On Blends!

Roll-On Blends Labels - Spiral Elixir

This weekend only I am offering a PreSale discount on my NEW Series of Essential Oil Roll-On Blends made with simply Pure, Raw, Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Each Blend has been crafted by me with the intention of fuzing medicinal properties with complimentary aromas – Allowing each one […]

Bear, Raven, and Steller’s Jay Medicine

black bear walking up driveway

Last night my husband and I fell asleep around 11:30 pm. Our dog was inside as usual. We woke up to the sound of our dog on alert but not barking. She makes this grumbling sound and muffles her bark to just say she’s aware of something but trying to be quiet and listen… My […]

Tea with Friends

loose leaf tea

The act of preparing tea for a friend is one of my sacred rituals. This past week my dear friend Jennifer made this lovely cup of herbal Heart Centered medicine for me and yesterday Selena (who I finally got to meet- who was from IHS) visited and I got to spread the love by making […]