Tea with Friends

loose leaf tea

The act of preparing tea for a friend is one of my sacred rituals. This past week my dear friend Jennifer made this lovely cup of herbal Heart Centered medicine for me and yesterday Selena (who I finally got to meet- who was from IHS) visited and I got to spread the love by making […]

Forest Life: Week 2

creek feet

There is so much we plan on doing in the next year. There are so many adventures we know we will have… But it’s only been 2 weeks since we moved here to the Tahoe National Forest and we have been soaking up the beauty of our gem-like abode and the surrounding area while we […]

Peace in the Forest: Our New Home & How We Got Here

moving day

Moving was intense!! What a journey we have been on. Since the day my husband found out he had an interview until now sitting here on my couch with the forest outside in our new home and I’m about to write this all out. It has been so amazing. Since my last blog post I […]

The Long Journey Ahead and What We’re Leaving Behind…

airplane journey

Hi everyone! I know I have been away for a while now… With no explanation either. Long-story-short I needed a break from the internet, and then we found out that my husband got a new job far away in a beautiful city, so… We’re moving! We’re moving in a couple of weeks, and for all […]

The Great Mother Speaks Wisdom: Learning from Painful Experiences

spiral sage fb header

“If you’re not getting what you want… it’s because the Great Mother knows you need something else. One definition of insanity, is repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. If things aren’t working for you… It’s a sign from the Great Mother… Get out of there, do something different, […]

Spiritual Healing with the Power of Silence: What You Need to Know

woman in silence near the water lake ocean with raven crow and sunset

The work of healing the Spirit is not the healing of a body or physical condition. That may be the result, but it’s not the work. The work is to bring awareness to the spirit in consciousness and thoughts, and open the consciousness to Universal Intelligence (God, Jah, I Am consciousness, Great Spirit, Allah, etc.) […]

Letting Go to Grow: Freeing Up the Energy Flow

GC-QX5 Image

For months now I’ve had a strong feeling building up inside, that began to block my creative energy flow, and I recognized this as me letting go to grow… I have been considering all angles of what has been transpiring inside my heart and mind with the feelings that have come up about options I’ve […]

Rare Super New Moon Conjunct Pluto ~ New Year: 2014

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Today begins a new year in a unique way… We will have 5 Super Moons in 2014,  and today is the first (the second is on January 30.)  This Super Moon is also a fully charged New Moon and is already feeling so powerful. I woke up to realize that even though I have been […]

Twilight Before the Longest Night

twilight 4

Twilight is that time after the sun has set and all awaits the darkness of night.   As we’ve been awaiting the winter solstice of 2013, on December 21, I’ve watched the immense beauty in the skies shift…   It has been an awesome year… Full of so much learning and heightened awareness. We all have […]

Find Meaning in Your Life Now


  This month I shared about How To Find Meaning In Your Life Now, over at Hybrid Rasta Mama blog… You can read it there now. These are challenging times for many people. When all else fails, and we can barely seem to make sense of what is going on, or who to turn to […]

Dealing with Neck Pain: What does it mean metaphysically?

neck pain

Many of us suffer from some sort of neck or back pain… often in the shoulders as well. Metaphysical healing is just as important as the physical healing when it comes to injuries and dealing with pain. I normally have a pain-free body because I take good care of myself, do yoga and eat well, […]

Avoiding Overwhelm & Healing with Bobcat Medicine

bobcat spirit in the forest

Bobcats are often alone, and learning to deal with this is part of what bobcat teaches… Bobcats are extremely sensitive to energy and can often make others feel uncomfortable just from their intense presence, but because of their gift at hearing and seeing what others are not saying, those with bobcat energy are often great […]

Winter Solstice Sale – Ends 12-21-13

winterlove sale

Visit my shop, and save before the Holy Days… *PEACE*