SattaDay Sharing

I AM a song.
This is my weekly post about all things
that I feel are worth sharing in a relaxed format.
“Satta” means relax (Jamaican Patois); 
or essential being, as to be, to exist (Sanskrit)
Around here we call Saturday – “SattaDay”…
So here is my list in no particular order…
Burning White Sage
A unique stone that a dear friend gave me… 
A place we shop at sometimes called People’s.
Really serious about this… Label GMOs in California! (and everywhere else too…)
I watched the most interesting bird hunting go on in the sky this week with one of these locals.
“My soul is like a river flowing to the sea…” Changes. Lots of shifting. Pele Report 11-11-11
A beautiful sharing from a beautiful woman who just turned 30. Love this post too…
I bought this for me and my husband’s 6 year Wedding Anniversary. LOVE!
I really enjoyed this video, especially Katie… I am a closet aromatherapy junkie… (more later)
“Sky is womb and she’s the moon.” – Bon Iver, Flume


  1. Thank you for your sharing!!! I am curious about your aromatherapy post. I am just getting into it, and loving it!!!

  2. Nectarine Dreams says:

    Love your satta day sharing posts x

  3. Much love to you Lauren xxx