SattaDay Sharing

This is my weekly post about all things
that I feel are worth sharing in a relaxed format.
“Satta” means relax (Jamaican Patois); 
or essential being, as to be, to exist (Sanskrit)
Around here we call Saturday – “SattaDay”…
So here is my list in no particular order…
A beautiful mandala for you to print out and color…
My mom bought my locket at this shop. You can see it on my newly updated About page.
An interesting writeup on Prehnite. I am wearing Prehnite in my new picture on the sidebar.
I would wear a Star Cluster, sure I would.
This is such a beautiful set of handpainted tiles… 
It may be beat up and dented, but I keep using it to hold my water on the go… 
Shown above in the picture I took in our back yard. Info about Jacaranda trees.
An interesting (and fun) view of The Scale of the Universe
Ideas for what to do with all your awesome Instagram photos.
A song to start your weekend, Say What You’re Thinking


  1. Thank you for sharing my mandala, Lauren, among all of these other wonderful things. Happy coloring! xo

  2. Katchafire… awesome. Izzy and I are dancing round our little house!
    Love your SattaDay sharing. xxx

  3. Your photo on the sidebar is beautiful.

    Those tiles are fabulous.

    There is a heart shaped locket on one of the photos which I love.

    And I wish we could get those Kanteens here. They look such good quality.

  4. Your new profile photo is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  5. So glad you all like my SattaDay Sharing posts! Thank you for visiting and checking out all the links… and Thank you for your nice comments about my new picture ;) xo