SattaDay Sharing

This is my weekly post about all things
that I feel are worth sharing in a relaxed format.
“Satta” means relax (Jamaican Patois); 
or essential being, as to be, to exist (Sanskrit)
Around here we call Saturday – “SattaDay”…
So here is my list in no particular order…
I am so happy that I found this amazing product! RESIST styrafoam, use Mushroom Packaging!
Why do doctors, and nurses often use Holistic Medicine for themselves, though not prescribe it…?
I drink between 1 tsp. – 1tbsp. of fish oil every day.
How to protect Unvaccinated Kids.
Not sure where you’re at with this, but keep moving forward… Baby steps for your kitchen and budget.
I am seriously in awe of this beautiful young woman’s paintings. She is so talented. Look at this rabbit.
And I adore this painting…
I’ve been contemplating making more of these…
Sweet Sky always has a great Goodies list. Check it out.
Have you ever used this? It’s pretty cool, and useful.

Are you a blogger? Do you need inspiration? This looks promising…

Back in the day, I had this cd. I think I gave it to my dad. I dedicate this song to my Mom. I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day…