SattaDay Sharing

This is my weekly post about all things
that I feel are worth sharing in a relaxed format.
“Satta” means relax (Jamaican Patois); 
or essential being, as to be, to exist (Sanskrit)
Around here we call Saturday – “SattaDay”…
So here is my list in no particular order…
“Far be it for a politician to endorse such a concept…”

I love fermented foods, and this post.

My husband highly recommends this garden tool.

How about you build a shed out of recycled pallets? Just an idea…

I adore this woman’s unique and humble faery-buddha-mama style. And this Giveaway!

Are you planning on adding mulch to your garden? Figure out how much you’ll need here.

I love everything she says here in this post, “it’s like this.”

This mama knows what’s good… I love this recipe for breastfeeding mamas.

I bought myself a bar today and it was soooooo yummy. This chocolate hits the spot.

Sad that MCA and Jr. Seau died this week. What!!??

The marijuana and cancer relationship. 

Happy Full-”Moon Shield” my good peoples.
I had a great conversation with a young woman today about the Fair Education Act. Important.
“No bad mind, no hatred, no envy and no grudge…” - Faith WorksWhat’s real. Stay True…

Grateful for all of you who read my blog.
Thank you for your presence.